Sunday, May 20, 2012

Leatherotic Shutdown

Dear readers

It is really unfortunate that this blog will be scheduled to be shutdown by end of this month.

Although it was already listed as adult content, also no nipples, no crotch, perhaps some butts were exposed, Google still considered it improper.

We like to thank you for all your support.

Please continue to support our main website LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER.


"Google AdSense ad serving has been disabled to your site


During a recent review of your account we found that you are currently
displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program


Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may
exist on other pages of this website or other sites in your network.


ADULT/SEXUALLY GRATIFYING: As stated in our program policies, AdSense
publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or
mature content. This includes images or video content containing lewd or
provocative poses, or close-ups of breasts, butts, or crotches. More
information about this policy can be found in our help center (

ACTION TAKEN: We have disabled ad serving to your site.

Your AdSense account remains active. However, please note that our team
reserves the right to disable your account at any time. As such, we
encourage you to become familiar with our program policies and monitor
your network accordingly.

Issue ID# 14241155

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team
For more information regarding this email, please visit our Help Center:"

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