Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Air Comet Calendar

This is your captain speaking.
A very warm welcome to Air Comet.
"On top" of our leather flight, you will be served by
our friendliest flight stewardess wearing leather gloves only.
There is strictly no "standing" during leatherbulence.
If you experience breathing difficulty,
our leather gloved stewardess will perform leather gloves over mouth
or in short GOM to ease your breathing difficulty.
Please attend to yourself before attending to others.
Please enjoy your leather flight.

Background on Air Comet
It was a Spanish Airlines that could not pay the workers. They owe the flight stewardess more than 8 months of pay, so the flight stewardesses decided on their naked protest after failing to get up to eight months of unpaid salaries.

More than 1,000 calendars featuring nine women in their flight caps, leather gloves and high heels have gone on sale for £13.

Adriana Ricardo, who poses as Miss August on an aircraft engine in high heels and a tiny bikini, said: “I think it’s a different and very elegant way of highlighting our plight.

“The rest of our colleagues are completely behind us.”

If you support their cause, buy thier calendars!

I love woman in leather!

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